Curse of Mapuche


1950’s ... Central Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula A group of bandits have been robbing the ancient Mayan villages. During the looting, they gained the original Mapuche statue, which had a lot of legends. One legend had it that the statue of Mapuche could change the stones into gold. The bandits wanted to use it to revive the sun god, everything is prepared for the holy ritual. However, during the outbreak of the Mexican civil war, they had to flee their place of hiding, which is still untouched and underground. 2009 Scientists noticed that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer day by day. There was no scientific explanation for that. However, archeologists who are engaged in research on Mayan culture, recently managed to unravel a Mayan prophecy which describes the above story exactly. Based on this prophecy the geographic allocation of the hideaway could be identified where the adventurers left the statue of the sun god Mapuche.